​Blackfrog Technologies is a product development and consultancy firm.  We create design solutions that help drive innovation for our clients and connect with end users for marketplace success. We bring products with insightful user research, concept generation, and creating designs with emotional and aesthetic appeal.

Our team believes in true collaboration and uses a holistic approach to define actionable and intelligent solutions that provide a positive user experience and ultimately grow our clients business and brand. We are committed to provide truly comprehensive product development services via a proven and process driven approach. We offer seamless integration of product design capabilities, achieving the most technically challenging goals under the tightest of time frames. Grounded in creativity, our work is balanced by a social understanding of your business, the needs of your customers and demands of your market on schedule, on budget and above expectations. 

"We are on a mission to solve problems that form a barrier to the personal security of our people. And we want to use technology as leverage to accomplish just that."


Donson D Souza

COO and Client Relations

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About Us

We are currently working our flagship product called "BUZZBAG". Buzzbag is a highly versatile, highly functional self-protection designer wallet for the women on the go.

Mayur Uday Shetty

CEO and Product Architect 

At BlackFrog Tech, we believe that solutions to many of society's problems lie in the hands of Science and Technology. Our obsession with creating and troubleshooting is our divine calling, driven by our pragmatic perspective of the world. 

 Our biggest priority is to embolden people through our work. BlackFrog Tech seeks to make India a safe place to live in for everyone, through uncompromised innovation and indigenous manufacturing.

"We believe that technology is the gateway to solving all of humanities problems. We are working towards the upliftment of  vulnerable and marginalized population in the society through technology."